[The assault battle became a protracted battle, the textile boss: still have to stay for four months]
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One third has passed in 2020, and the new coronary pneumonia epidemic that has plunged the global economy into a "dark period" has not stopped. According to the new statistics of the new crown epidemic released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States on May 1, 3,271,692 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed globally, and more than 1.06 million cases have been diagnosed in the United States.

The impact of the black swan incident on the industry chain continues to ferment

Affected by the Black Swan incident, both upstream and downstream of the industrial chain have been affected.

1. "Oil" is born! Another US oil-related company filed for bankruptcy protection:

According to reports, the newly announced US Diamond Offshore Drilling Company, which applied for bankruptcy protection, is a company mainly engaged in offshore drilling contracting business, and it has a large number of businesses in the Gulf of Mexico. According to relevant documents, the company's total revenue last year was 981 million US dollars (about 6.94 billion yuan), with about 2,500 employees.

Affected by the price war and the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, after the oil price plummeted, many crude oil producers shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, causing the company's demand to be nearly exhausted, becoming the second concern after Huiting Petroleum to file for bankruptcy Protect oil companies.

2. The business in Guangzhou is bleak, and the workers in Hubei come and go back!

In Shahe, Guangzhou, the 13th line is the upper reaches of the garment factory in the village. General traders choose good clothing, and the clothing store owner prepares fabrics in the Zhongda cloth market, and places an order nearby. Most of the workers here come from Hubei.

After the outbreak of the Spring Festival this year, many workers in Hubei were unable to arrive on time. At the end of March, the horn of reinstatement was sounded, and the garment factory still had a "prosperity illusion" because it rushed to make orders from the year before. However, in April, the market unit volume dropped significantly, and many textile apparel bosses indicated that the unit volume was at least 2-3% less than in previous years. A large number of Hubei garment workers had no work to open and chose to return home.

As the new crown epidemic situation in overseas countries changed from "surprise war" to "long-term war", the negative impact on the entire industrial chain continues to ferment. Although some countries in Europe and America said in the early stage that they planned to test the water to "unblock" in May, the fact is that the recovery of economy, trade, transportation, retail and other businesses may take a long time, which also leads to the recovery of the demand side of textiles and clothing.

At present, a small number of foreign trade bosses have indicated that customers from the United States, Japan, and South Korea have recently extended their olive branches, indicating that they intend to place orders. However, the "black swan" in the epidemic does not fly away, and companies have to look forward to ordering. "Now I still dare not accept orders from countries with serious epidemics, I am afraid they will be cancelled after receiving them." Trader Chen said.

Apparel enters the off-season ahead of time, and the embroidered silk is unsalable! Textile Man: Will it take another four months? !

For fabric traders, the most complaint in recent days is that customers have no orders. The reason is that the clothing season is coming.

A clothing owner said that the business was not busy before May 1st, which is enough to show that the clothing industry has entered the off-season in advance. "In the previous year, May 1st was the first half of the year except for the opening of the new year, but this year quietly entered the May Day. This off-season is a bit long. From May to August, such a long period of time is burning textile people Heart! "

In April, artificial silk, which is the main product of spring and summer apparel fabrics, has been sluggish. Many manufacturers of artificial silk are faced with the problem of "high inventory, low production and sales".

The owner of a textile factory producing chiffon admitted that he has not received an order for simulated silk for nearly half a month, and the machine in the factory cannot be stopped completely, because the cost of the full stop is not small, and the workers will also be lost, resulting in recent At the stage of tired inventory. "Now there is a lot of pressure, but customers have feedback that there are no more orders for clothing, and we can only wait."


According to the traditional sales calendar of textile people, the traditional peak season in the first half of the year is from March to May, and June to August is the low season. However, this year's situation is special, and the peak season is skipped directly, resulting in the market having been spent in the low season.

In May, the market is still not optimistic, the export orders have not yet been restored, the order suspension has not been alleviated, the delivery of orders that have not been cancelled in the previous period is generally delayed, the domestic market has improved, mainly concentrated in autumn and winter clothing fabrics, some domestic tooling, The demand for healthcare fabrics is acceptable, but the transaction price is still lower.

In the face of the extended May Day holiday, many textile people are also looking forward to when they can make up for the late peak season ...

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