[What is the main production process of polypropylene high-strength yarn?]
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With continuous development, polypropylene high-strength yarn has gradually become a very competitive chemical fiber product among a variety of synthetic fibers. Its production equipment has low investment, low raw material prices, ultra-low energy consumption, and little environmental pollution. Technical and economic advantages. Moreover, polypropylene high-strength yarns are widely used in the production of ropes, nets, belts, cloths, threads, etc., and are now widely used!

What is the main production process of polypropylene high-strength yarn?

There are two main process routes for producing polypropylene high-strength yarn, namely spinning and drawing, a two-step method carried out on two equipments. And the one-step method of continuous spinning and drawing on the same equipment. The one-step process has short-distance spinning and FDY production lines, and it is divided into horizontal and vertical processes. Generally speaking, in the one-step method, the vertical type has the advantages of higher spinning and winding speed, and the use of cheaper flat-grade polypropylene as the raw material compared with the horizontal type, while the horizontal type generally uses fiber-grade polypropylene chips As raw materials, the cost is higher. The two-step rule has two types: horizontal bundle stretching and vertical single spindle stretching.

The one-step method and the two-step method of polypropylene high-strength yarn have their own advantages. The two-step method is a more mature traditional process. Due to its large number of spindles, many operators are required, and the production cost is high. In addition, the small tube package is small, the tube consumption is too large, and the recycling and transportation are troublesome, but the two-step method It can make the two-stage processing process reach a particularly good state of requirements, so as to obtain continuous and stable high-quality tow products, especially suitable for the production of ultra-high polypropylene high-strength yarn. The one-step method saves manpower and labor intensity due to less waste silk, and has high production efficiency. The equipment occupies a small area and saves energy consumption. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of polypropylene industrial yarn, mainly polypropylene general-strength and medium-strength yarn, and is a promising advanced technology.

The above is the sharing of the main production process of polypropylene high-strength yarn, I hope it can help everyone!

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