[After the carnival in the grey cloth market, prices are "chaotic"]
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Recently, there has been good news from the downstream weaving fabric market, all kinds of grey fabric fabrics are selling well, and domestic and foreign trade orders are gradually increasing. However, a while ago, the fabrics of protective clothing were boosted. The grey fabrics "after the carnival" were a little "chaotic", but the fabric dealers encountered obstacles in receiving orders.

01 Hot protective fabrics, driving up the price of grey fabrics

The price of grey fabrics is still one price per day. It can be said that the heat of polyester taffeta and Chunya spinning has not yet returned. In addition, the raw material polyester filament has risen in the beginning of May, and the prices of these grey fabrics have shown an upward trend. At the end of April, the price of protective clothing fabric 210T polyester taffeta grey cloth was 0.92 yuan / meter. After the May Day holiday, it has risen to 0.98 yuan / meter, and most of them have no discounts. Although it is only 6 cents short, it has a great impact on the list of large profits and meager profits.

Affected by the mad rush of low-density protective clothing fabrics, even the order quality polyester taffeta and Chunya spinning grey fabrics have also risen, which has caused a certain impact on ordinary fabrics to take orders. Taking 210T / 88 grams of grey fabric with order quality as an example, it was 1.0 yuan / m in early April, and 1.3 yuan / m in early May, up 0.3 yuan / m.

A person in charge of a trading company complained: "Gray cloths such as polyester taffeta and Chunya spinning have been copied at a much higher price. How can we make orders for apparel fabrics? There were not many orders, and we did not dare to rise to customers The price can only be paid silently. The market is too chaotic now, and the list is more difficult to pick up. "

02 Fabric orders are scarce, and customers are seriously squeezing prices

In addition, the life of the fabric dealer is not easy. Affected by the epidemic this year, the market is sluggish, most foreign trade orders have been suspended, and domestic trade orders have plummeted. The price of grey fabrics has also fallen to a low point, and even manufacturers have sold at a loss, but this has become a well-known thing. In the case of more monks and fewer porridge, the market has long been the buyer's market, and the clothing merchants have absolute dominance. Fabric manufacturers have quietly waged price wars. Some companies even take orders at a loss in order to have a single operation. However, there are only a few such enterprises, but it is still not easy to see fabric manufacturers and the scarcity of orders.

A person in charge of a fabric company mainly exporting to Japan responded that he was particularly idle recently and had few orders. Basically, there are no orders, and there are very few meters in the list, and the price is particularly powerful. It is really not easy to do! Japanese customers have been on holiday for more than a month since April, and construction is expected to start in early June. Starting in June, I estimate that there will be a real improvement at least until September.

03 Quality determines the price of grey cloth, but low price is not suitable

For the strong Jiangsu and Zhejiang water-jet grey cloth market, the price of one specification of grey cloth is endless, and the price difference is also unbelievable. But the so-called one-for-one price is not unreasonable. The quality that customers want determines the cost. There are many manufacturers of conventional grey cloth throwing goods on the market today, but the quality does not match. Even if the price is low, it can only be seen at this very beautiful price. In fact, we can only buy high-quality grey fabrics with high prices, and it seems that selling the goods at a low price has nothing to do with the fabric manufacturer making the order.

A trader said frankly: "A few days ago, I heard that there is a manufacturer of 75D chiffon that only costs 2.0 yuan / meter. I have an order for chiffon all the year round. I was very excited about this price and contacted the manufacturer immediately. After looking at the finished dyeing, the quality is not comparable to my previous 2.5 yuan / meter to take the goods. You ca n’t ruin your own sign because you are cheap, or take the high-quality goods honestly! "

04 The market hype is strong, and the price of grey cloths is easily raised

In addition, tossing goods to a certain extent may also drive the overall price of grey cloths in the market. Recently, the market has improved. If someone in the market throws a large amount of grey cloth of a certain size, someone will hoard and purchase. After two or three circulations, the price has risen in the hands of the fabric dealer. Secondly, a large number of intermediaries acquired. Once marketers heard the wind, they mistakenly thought that the sales of certain specifications of grey cloths were hot, and they were quickly "fired". The price naturally rose for a while.

Although such hype is temporary, the price of grey cloths has been raised, and it is difficult to return to the original position for a while. For example, the sensational 210T polyester taff at the end of April, the highest fry was 1.1 yuan / m, but now the heat has dropped, but the price is still hovering at 0.98 yuan / m, which is still a certain distance away from 0.88 yuan / m in March. Coupled with the good news that the domestic and foreign trade markets continue to pick up, the price of grey cloths may be difficult to fall again.

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